Destiny 2: Bungie Obviously Loves The Drifter And Wants You To Do That As Well

Destiny 2

Bungie seems enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the drifter in Destiny 2. A video explains how fantastic and deep the character is and how much history he has.

Who is the drifter? Most players only know him as “the guy who knocks the proverbs before each round in the Gambit.” A video in which he said “Ding” incredibly often and in many variations,went viral.

Since Forsaken Drifter (German: the vagabond) is closely connected to the Gambit mode, there knock his sayings. Since he has his own season in the Annual Pass , he has moved even further into the focus of Destiny 2.

For Bungie, “Drifter” seems like the coolest and deepest character they’ve ever created. In a developer video and an interview with the US side Polygon, the story specialists of Bungie put out the background of the character.

This role is played by the drifter in Destiny 2: Bungie says, “The drifter is like an uncle, showing you how to fight dirty.”

The drifter is to animate the guardians to walk on the path between darkness and light.

Therefore, he is often in conflict with the “good guys” from the vanguard, who feel obligated to the light.

Where does the drifter come from? The drifter is one of the first humans to be resurrected by the traveler. Therefore, he did not become a hunter, warlock or titan, but a “Lightbearer”, a light bearer.

He lived in the “dark age” long before the Keepers entered the world of Destiny.

He died of starvation hundreds of times during the Dark Ages, and was brought to life again and again by his spirit. Therefore, his sayings that he had eaten aliens, are quite serious. He often had no choice if he did not want to die again.

Since then:

  • Did he own a bar?
  • was trapped on an ice planet
  • and has fought in just about every conflict the Guardians heard of

This is the story of the vagabond: the figure has borne many different names and lived for a long time. He was part of many crews, but has always left.

To the side he has a thing with the mysterious “The Nine” running. The drifter keeps in touch with them about their messenger, whom he knew as guardian “Orin” from a previous life, in the Dark Ages.

But both have lived and changed many lives ever since.

The ongoing story with the messenger and the nine is told every week about “The Nine Invitation” in Destiny 2 .

The Nine want the solar system to survive and help the drifter get the guardians ready to fight the dark. For this, the drifter runs the game modes Gambit and Gambit Prime to let the guardians compete against fragments of darkness.

The Nine gave the Drifter an appendage, the “Haul”: a huge ice ball. He pulls it behind his spaceship. The “Haul” is the drifter’s own little world in which he can create things. This place holds unlimited potential.

Bungie says: What he creates says more about the drifter than about the nine.

Because the drifter uses the Haul apparently to channel his horrors and create. He creates the possessed and uses them as his personal guards or as training objects, against which Guardians compete in the mode “The Settlement” . This mode also partly plays in the mind of the drifter.

As Bungie says, “the shadow of Oryx” is in the payroll because it’s about the worst thing the drifter can imagine.

The drifter also has a relationship with the “Weapons of Sorrow,” dark and grim weapons, such as the thorn.

What does the drifter want? The Drifter wants to stay alive and has therefore developed a healthy paranoia.

What true intentions hide behind his grin and charm, Bungie but does not betray.

That’s what Bungie wants: The story team wants to use the drifter to create a mysterious character that evolves and tells an ongoing story. Ideally, keepers should be thrilled here and hope for the dissolution of the mysteries.

It’s part of an idea from Destiny to go more towards a “live game” that keeps a story going. Therefore, the drifter in the next few months still play a role in Destiny 2.