Destiny 2: The April Iron Banner Launches Today With These Rewards

Destiny 2

At  Destiny 2  , the Iron Banner is up in April. We have summarized all the important information about the start time and the loot as well as some new details about the future of the PvP event for you.

When does the April Iron Banner run?  Although the spring event “The Indulgence” is currently in full swing, this week there will be another event – the Iron Banner.

From the Weekly Reset on April 23, keepers can test their strength in the Crucible for a week under the stern looks of Lord Saladin until April 30th.

Which mode is active? During the Iron Banner, you play in 6vs6 format. The mode is control, where you have to conquer and hold zones.

Are you still working on the thorn? The exotic quest for the handgun Dorn sends you in the step “Turn the unknown into a weapon” in the crucible. There, you must turn off Keepers with emptiness energy or handguns.

In the iron banner (and in the competitive PvP) the progress is increased. If you still have to complete this step, a visit to the Iron Banner could well be worthwhile.

These rewards can be earned in the April Iron Banner

Powerful Items:  First of all, Lord Saladin has 7 weekly forays that will reward you each with a Mighty Premium upon completion – a great opportunity to join the weekly routine of additional Mighty Loot.

The Weapons: Deals on these raids unlock additional items in the Iron Lord’s inventory that you can then buy directly from him. As weapons, you can acquire the Scout Rifle Eagle Claw and the Rocket Launcher Bear Roar.

In addition, you have this and during the next Iron Banner time to secure yourself a kind of top weapon of the Iron Banner – the masterpiece version of the iron banner fusion rifle “The wise rebuke”  with curated Rolls.

In addition, after each match you have the chance of melting pot and iron banner items.

Armor Parts : During the entire Season 6, you can earn some Iron Symmachization sets for your Keepers in the Iron Banner:

New emblem: In Season 6 you can get a special Iron Banner emblem. If your 2,500 kills are achieved when Iron Burden is active, you will receive the “Heavy as Death” badge.

Keep in mind that this badge can only be earned during Season 6. Because the recently introduced Iron Burden will not return to Season 7 after community feedback.

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