EVE Online Player Count: The MMORPG Has So Many Active Players In 2019

EVE Online

EVE Online is often described as a niche game because it is not easy to re-enter. CCP Games has now called the active player numbers and they do not look bad.

How many active players does EVE Online have? According to CCP Games CEO Hilmar Petursson, 300,000 players actively play the MMORPG every month. This corresponds to about the total population of Iceland.

These are pretty good numbers for an MMORPG, especially for one that relies on PvP and is not aimed at casual gamers because of its complexity.

EVE Online is not stagnating

Are there any new players? According to Hilmar Petursson not only veterans play. According to him, EVE Online does not stagnate, although the MMO may give the impression. There is a very loyal fan base, which remains the game many years. However, new players find their way into the online game just as regularly.

About 10,000 new players are expected to come each week. However, many do not stay long. Therefore, CCP Games wants to slowly modernize the gaming experience.

The technology is outdated

What is the problem? The MMORPG is now 16 years old. The underlying technology signs of aging, especially during the mass battles that become the slide show.

According to Hilmar Petursson, it was never planned that 5,000 or 6,000 players should be involved in a fight at the same time. This has only developed over the years, as slowly player-led organizations came up and used up wars.

Hilmar Petursson explains that 5,000 concurrent players are just ok but 6,000 are already over the limit.

What is being done about this problem? CCP Games wants to improve EVE. For this purpose, the company worked for a short time with the startup Hadean together to improve this experience. However, this is just an experiment that more will follow, until a way is found to offer a modern EVE.

There can not be EVE Online 2

What will the future bring? Hilmar Petursson compares working on EVE Online with building and managing a whole city. As a result, CCP Games is finding it hard to work on other EVE games, such as the online shooter Project Nova . Looking after a city and seeing that it is running is hard enough.

Building a second city and then connecting the two is even harder. For this reason, there can be no EVE Online 2. The “city” has to run and evolve.