Finally, A Game Mode Returns To Black Ops 4 That Many Of You Love

Black Ops 4

The developers at Treyarch have revealed when one of the most popular modes – Hot Pursuit for Blackout – finally returns to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

What’s up with the return of Hot Pursuit? When Treyarch suddenly unannounced the “Hot Pursuit” mode from Blackout in early April, the outcry among the ranks of the fans was huge.

Many failed to understand this move and demanded the fastest possible return from Hot Chase. For many of these were one of the most popular modes, which was also advertised as a seasonal highlight for ” blackout “.

Treyarch gave in and brought the mode back, but only to remove it shortly thereafter – much to the annoyance and lack of understanding of many fans who once again vented their anger on Reddit. Now Treyarch has reacted faster and the return of popular mode is imminent.

When should Hot Chase return? In one of the recent Reddit posts where fans demanded the return of this format, yesterday’s official Treyarch account featured on April 22, announcing that Hot Pursuit mode will be on Tuesday, April 23 Blackout will celebrate his return.

An exact time was not called, but one can assume that it is around 19 o’clock of our time so far. Because that’s the usual time for new updates and content on Black Ops 4.

How long you can have fun with Hot Pursuit is unclear. Currently, this mode rotates along with other time-limited formats. But more and more fans demand a permanent whereabouts. Whether and how the developers will respond to these criticisms and demands remains to be seen.

Why was hot pursuit ever removed? On the part of the fans hardly anyone could understand the removal of this popular game mode. Some players suspected that this might have forced them into blackout’s new Alcatraz map. However, this was too small for Hot Pursuit. Treyarch himself did not justify this step.

What is Hot Pursuit? The special mode “Hot pursuit” came into play with Operation Grand Heist.

So you can black hole in the style of robbers and police with fast muscle cars to hunt for stock deliveries with high-tier loot or cash on Black Ops 4.

Other players were able to use police cars to discover their opponents faster. During the “robbers and gendarme” games wild shootouts were delivered from the cars.

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