God Of War – One Of The Most Significant Moments Of The Adventure Was Almost Canceled

God Of War

Creative Director Cory Barlog now revealed that the new “God of War” had to make do with its predecessors almost without a significant gameplay element. As a result, almost none of the most impressive and important moments in the game would have happened. Warning: Read more at your own risk. This is followed by spoilers to “God of War”.

The fact that the development of God of War did not always run smoothly and that the team at Santa Monica Studio often had a roller coaster ride is no secret anymore. Fortunately, after five years of development, the game has been able to convince critics and fans alike and is now one of the most successful games on the PlayStation 4.

Almost a special weapon would not have been there

The brutal action adventure, in which Kratos and Atreus roam the Nordic sagas and the father-son team against Asen, soul eaters, elves and more must assert, offers many powerful moments. But it almost did not give one of the most important moments in the game and most formative gameplay elements from its predecessors.

In a video, Game Director of the current Kratos adventure, Cory Barlog, revealed that the iconic Chaos Blades were almost dropped during development. In the previous games, the Chaos Blades were Krato’s most distinctive weapons. With them, Sparta’s spirit sent countless adversaries to their deaths.

Time pressure and other hurdles

As Barlog announced, time was running short in the end to devote himself to the Chaos Blades:

“We only started the development of the blades in the last year of development. We had been working on the ax so long that there was a danger that the blades would have to be painted, as they would have taken too much time. Everyone said, “If you took three and a half to four years to make the ax, you’ll never be able to finish the blades on time.”

The developers faced the problem that for a long time the animations were not at the level they wanted for the game. Also, the new camera perspective behind the shoulder of Kratos was a hurdle, so that the classic “God of War” weapon was not “right”. Eventually, the team managed to integrate the Chaos Blades into the new “God of War”.

The return of the blades – an important moment in the game

One of the most important moments in the game was created with the blades. Although Kratos was equipped with a versatile weapon with the Leviathan Ax, the comeback of the Chaos Blades also allowed fan hearts to jump open and was also essential for dealing with Kratos’ past.

When Atreus was seriously ill, Kratos was internally forced to deal with his mistakes. He had renounced the blades years ago. They are a symbol of his past and his true self that he wanted to leave behind. The moment he put the weapon down again, Kratos also accepted his fate. According to Barlog, this was an essential part of the story about the Spartan.