Heroes Of The Storm: Anduin Wrynn Becomes A Pretty Cool Healer In The Nexus

Heroes Of Storm

Anduin Wrynn becomes the next hero in Heroes of the Storm. We reveal what the pretty guy from Stormwind can do.

After many weeks of waiting, the developers of Heroes of the Storm have finally introduced their next hero. The surprise is likely to be unsuccessful, because the character was leaked a few weeks ago. Anduin Wrynn becomes the new hero in Heroes of the Storm.

Who is Anduin Wrynn? In World of Warcraft, Anduin is currently the High King of the Alliance and King of Stormwind. So he leads the people of the people. His father was Varian Wrynn, who died in the fight against the Legion. Although Anduin initially aspired to the teachings of a priest, after the death of his father he took up his sword and is not completely awkward even in combat – especially because he can use strong light abilities.

Anduin’s abilities in HotS: In Heroes of the Storm, Anduin is a classic healer. He has supportive and healing abilities and can use it to prove enemies with control effects. We take a quick look at his abilities:

  • Faith leap: Anduin draws an ally who lands at his feet. The ally is unstoppable while traveling.
  • Flash healing : After a casting time of 0.75 seconds, an allied hero is healed.
  • Divine Star: A wave of Light is sent that deals damage to all enemies and then returns to Anduin, healing allies within a larger radius.
  • Chastisement : Send out a wave of light that damages the first enemy hero and roots for 1.25 seconds.
  • Blessing: Salvation: His first heroic ability is a powerful healing. After 0.5 second casting time, Anduin channels the light for three seconds. Nearby friends regenerate for up to 25% of their health and are protected as long as they stay nearby.
  • Light Bomb: His second heroic ability is somewhat offensive. Anduin fills a target with light. After 1.5 seconds, the target explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for 1.25 seconds. The target receives a protective shield for 5 seconds, absorbing more damage the more enemy heroes are hit.

The troll skills from WoW: Especially cool is probably that Anduin has the faith leap . In World of Warcraft, this has already been a skill that has been used to trick players or keep them from harm. There are sure to be a lot of funny YouTube clips where players show each other what “awesome” maneuvers they’ve done with the leap of faith.

Also exciting: Did you know that in Heroes of the Storm there are no more loot boxes for real money?

Currently Anduin is on the PTR and can be tested there. As a rule, it takes one to two weeks before a new hero then also goes into the live version of the game.

What do you think of Anduin? Are you still playing Heroes of the Storm?