How ESO Manages To Keep Its Entire Content Relevant


The Elder Scrolls Online delights its fans with a flurry of relevant content. Therefore, the MMORPG is still loyal to so many players and always returns to Tamriel.

That’s why content is so important: If you ask any fan of MMORPG for the most important aspect of an online role-playing game, then the word “content” will surely be at the top. Without enough content, the fun disappears quickly and no one wants to do the same thing all the time.

But content alone is not enough, if only the latest addon is relevant and worthwhile and tens of dungeons and regions from the early days of the game are lying fallow.

That’s why ESO is so popular

However, ESO does not have this problem. As a popular thread on Reddit shows, ESO fans at “their” game love that, unlike most other older MMOs, it does not invalidate the old content when something new comes along.

How does Endgame work in many other MMORPGs? The reason for this development is that ESO approaches the endgame unlike most MMORPGs. In games like WoW or SWTOR, new content is always tied to the further development of your hero.

If you want to continue, you have to reach the new level cap, grind new equipment and develop in general.

As a result, everything that was previously endgame is devalued and slips back and forth in relevance. Because why spend time in a zone or instance where you can not find a usable loot anymore and the fighting is no longer a challenge?

Why is the old stuff still relevant in ESO? In ESO, on the other hand, since the end of 2016 there has been the concept “One Tamriel”. This introduced a scale that always matched your level to the instance or zone. So all players could play together, no matter what level they had.

In addition, everyone could explore each zone and did not have to plod around the area appropriate for their level, as was previously the case.

If everyone can go anywhere at any time and finds relevant content and useful loot, every region is worth the same. So, if you prefer to farm resources in the Elven lands rather than in the Wastes of the Orcs , then you can do it with a clear conscience.

Likewise, trips to fulfill all the missing Achievements of a zone, not a waste of time, because you still get XP and loot for it. XP is even worthwhile when you reach the max level, because then there are champion levels and other goodies.

But even without top equipment and plenty of skills you can have fun in ESO and participate in almost all content.

That’s what the fans say

The Reddit article also praises how “cozy” and “chilled” ESO really is. Because it does not force you to always nachgerennen the latest “carrot at the stick” in the form of new content.

That’s what the players love about the pace of ESO: even the typical endgame content of MMORPGs, raids, does not generate pressure on many players. As one player writes on Reddit, “I’ve been playing for years and have never done a test [so hot raids in ESO]. Veteran dungeons are enough for me. But I would not think so in any other MMO. “

Others appreciate how easy it is to log in to ESO and have some fun. Thus, a player who has a child and a little-discreet wife writes that he can always enjoy a few hours of fun in ESO when everyone is finally in bed.

He just plays a few rounds of random PvP!

Another player just loves to do a bit of the daily crafting tasks and then end the day in the dungeon.

However, ESO’s biggest asset to some gamers is their biggest weakness. A player writes: “I came back into the game very late and it’s just too much! There is way too much to do, and the many freedom paralyzes me completely! “

But according to most fans of the game, it is this freedom that keeps players happy for the past 5 years.

That’s why ESO was even able to slow down and is now more popular than ever. So now it even has queues at busy times, because otherwise the servers would go down.