Kingdom Hearts III- Critical Mode Available Tomorrow (Update)

Kingodm Hearts 3

Square Enix today gives a glimpse of planned DLCs and updates for, Kingdom Hearts III , including Critical Mode, recently discovered in data mining.

On this commented producer Tetsuya Nomura:

“Critical mode has been an add-on to Final Mix in the past, so we’ll post it later. Not only do we want to adjust the number of damage numbers, we also want to constantly change / debug them. We do not just want to make it hard, but also fun and challenging. “

With respect to the other DLC plans, it also states that you will publish the free content as soon as possible, while you want to summarize the Paid DLCs as possible and publish together. It all takes some time, but the rough plans are for publication this year before moving on to the next project.

Further information about the DLCs will follow in the coming weeks.

Update: As Square Enix confirms today, Critical Mode will be available as a free update tomorrow.