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Master Detective Pikachu Trailer Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful


In a few weeks master detective Pikachu also starts in German cinemas. To further increase the anticipation, there is now a new trailer with a lot of love, sad scenes and goosebumps moments.

Are you ready for an extra dose of kitsch and heart-warming moments with Pokémon? Then you are exactly right at this point, because the little pocket monsters shine in the current teaser trailer for the movie master master wonderful shine.

The movie about the yellow star Pikachu is being promoted in various ways. In addition to other trailers, there are even at Burger King toys that match the canvas strip. Now there’s a new teaser that plays ” What a Wonderful World ” not only as background music, but also adapts the scenes shown to the lyrics .

While singing in the first few seconds of wonderful trees, we see a forest directly, before the camera zooms in further. You can see Schiggys splashing in the waterand watching Glumandas bounce around. Suddenly you can also see Tim, the protagonist, wearing the  injured Pikachu . What happened there?

But the trailer quickly becomes more cheerful again, showing a healthy Pikachuand the city ​​full of Pokémon . If you’ve always wanted to see Enton and Pikachu embrace , this is your chance to enjoy the moment.

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