Pokémon Go: Shiny Sichlor Is Probably More Common Than Other Shinys – Why?

Pokemon GO

In Pokémon GO there are reports of a special Shiny Rate in Sichlor. So the Pokémon in the wild is more likely to be Shiny than other Pokémon.

The players tell about the Shiny: On Reddit, numerous players have shared their results from Sichlor nests. There, all coaches have found that the rate seems to be significantly increased to a shine.

The exact rate can not be determined, but it seems to be between 1 to 50 and 1 to 150. A normal Shiny has the rate of 1 to 450 in the wild.

You know that about Shiny Sichlor

That’s how the Shiny came into play: For the Beetle event in April 2019 , Sichlor came into the game as Shiny for the first time. Since then, the Pokémon is rarely seen in the wild, mainly in nests.

Why is the Shiny Rate different here? Niantic had already used a different Shiny Rate at Aerodactyl and Tannza. Now the whole thing seems to have hit Sichlor.

Why Niantic changes the rate, you do not officially know. It is believed that it is due to the rarity of the Pokémon. Tannza and aerodactyl are quite rare in the wild. Sick outside of nests too.

What is the Shiny Rate of Sichlor now? Should it really be at 1 to 150, then it is quite high. Normally you would have to click three times as many Pokémon to get a Shiny.

What does it mean for me now? If you have a Sickle Nest in your town, you should visit it. Here you obviously have the chance of a rare Shiny.

Whether this rate only for a short time and if this is a mistake, you do not know. So you should take your chance and try to dust off a Shiny Sichlor. The chances are very good right now.

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