Pokémon Go: Update 0.141.0 Lets You Delete Raid Passes – Why Players Want That

Pokemon GO

In Pokémon GO, the latest update 0.141.0 introduces a Raid Pass feature, which was often requested. You can finally delete the passports.

This feature works: Many players have complained about a full bag and that you can not delete Raid passes. These clog the bag for players who do not raid much – but you could not delete them so far.

Now it finally works. The latest update adds a feature that lets you remove raid passes from the bag.

That’s why many players like this feature

How to get raid passes? Raid passes can only be bought from the in-game currency. So you have to invest money or spend saved coins for it.

So it sounds funny that you want to delete such an item voluntarily. After all, you do not get it for nothing.

That’s why players want to delete the raid passes: Raid passes are often in offer boxes . So if you like to hatch eggs, you buy such a box and you also get raid passes.

But if you do not do much raiding, you do not use those passports and they jam in the bag. Now you can delete them and empty the bag again. So if you do not want to raid, you will get your bag empty.

Numerous players from our community had wished this feature for 2019 , now Niantic uses it.

The players say: On Twitter, the user “TheLateGreatZK” shows a picture of his over 600 Raid passports and writes: “Because so many people have asked why you want to delete his raid passports. That’s why you buy boxes for other items and then end up with raid passes that clog your bag! “

Many players are happy about this feature

“Pycrow” writes on Reddit : “My friend, who regularly buys boxes in the shop but can not raid because he lives in the country, will love this feature!”

What do the opposing voices say? Some players do not understand why they want to delete Raid passes and find the function useless.

So “shilaluddin” writes on Twitter: “I pay for my raid passes, so why should I delete them?”

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