Private Server Of Dead MMORPG Was First Overrun, Concluded Shortly Thereafter


After the existence of a secret private server of the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes became known, followed by a copycat. But this was now closed a few days after launch for legal reasons. But there seems to be hope.

Which server is it? Six years went unnoticed and only a few players available the private server SCORE (Secret Cabal Of Reverse Engineers) of the MMORPG City of Heroes (CoH) , before the matter was officially known a few days ago.

It was hailing criticism, as many CoH fans felt betrayed. The community always boasted for cohesion and after discontinuing the MMORPG in 2012, only selected fans were allowed to continue playing on the secret server. That pissed on many.

Subsequently, SCORE operator Leandro Pardini released the source code, on the basis of which another server was opened . But this already closed after a few days.

Hope dies last

Why was the server closed now? The reason given was that they were well on their way to trial and wanted to protect their families. It was a difficult decision, but the risk was just too big.

That’s why there is hope: The operators declare that they are now looking for ways to keep the project going elsewhere.

The server on which the game was running, should be gone and there is apparently no way to get to the data. However, the situation would not be quite as bleak as it currently looks. The team is working hard to solve the problem.

There is probably a kind of backup, which is now checked. Maybe this can be used to rebuild the server. But it is unclear how this should solve the legal situation.

A quick shot out of panic

That’s the problem? The private server of City of Heroes was operated without consent and apparently also without knowledge of NCSoft, which continue to hold the rights to the MMORPG.

It is currently unclear how NCSoft reacts to the whole thing. The current situation is apparently based purely on the panic of the operators, who have taken the server ahead offline, to avoid a lawsuit.

The team apologizes for this quick shot and now wants to work on setting up a new server as soon as possible – in the hope that NCSoft will not take any legal action.

Maybe it would be better to wait for the release of the unofficial CoH successor City of Titan .

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