So Fortnite Wants To Fix The Worst Bugs In The New Patch


Fortnite: Battle Royale is planning a big patch with a lot of fixes. Some players want something different.

What annoys the fans? Since update 8.2 and some later patches many Fortnite players are angry. There are a number of silly bugs that are now plaguing the game.

Especially against the background of the current qualifying rounds for the World Cup with millions of dollars in prize money , players want to have the most error-free game possible.

Therefore, Epic now promises a big patch to fix (almost) all problems.

This is planned for patch 8.5

In the upcoming update 8.5 Epic wants to first tackle the new bugs and so bring the game back in order. To do this, according to an Epic employee, among others, the following will change:

  • Ghost Sound Bugfix: This bug came with 8.3 and makes sounds sound where no one is. This completely ruins the game for many players, as they suspect and react to opponents, but nobody is there. The bug should be fixed according to Epic in 8.5.
  • Fallen-Glitch-Bugfix: Whoever wanted to set up stacco-traps on a wall, placed them thanks to this glitch in the middle. In addition, it often happened that players moved around the traps and did not trigger them. Here, too, should be created with 8.5 remedy.
  • Loot-Fail Bugfix: There is a glitch where you exchange weapons, although you only wanted to collect them. Otherwise, more often it comes to picking up, if you actually want to swap the gun. Here you also want to change something to fix the problem.

When will update 8.5 come? It is expected that the patch with the bug fixes will be released on April 24, 2019.

What else do players want? The bugs from the latest updates, however, are not the only annoyance right now. Because Epic removed from 8.2 a number of features that had previously fallen in love. Among other things, the player annoys the following:

  • There are no health points back to Kills
  • Less material is collected
  • Resources are harder limited

Therefore many players demand “Epic, undo the patch 8.2 and fix the bugs!”. The latter will be addressed by Epic now, but the withdrawal of the patch does not seem to be a matter of debate.

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