The Division 2: The Exotic Nemesis – This Is How You Get The Best Weapon In The Game

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The Nemesis sniper rifle is probably the most powerful weapon in The Division 2 right now. You have to do that to get it.

This weapon is all about: Nemesis is an exotic precision rifle that can only be made. It was introduced with the title update 2.0 , which also introduced the base Tidal Basin and the 5th world rank.

To get them you have to complete infiltrated bases. For the blueprint, you also have to play a mission mission. These rotate through once a week.

In this guide, we explain how to get the parts and blueprint for Nemesis.

Get Nemesis blueprint and crafting material

You will need 4 pieces to craft Nemesis. You get this by completing the bases.

Step 1: Play Tidal Basin

So you get the first part:

  • First you have to play the base Tidal Basin a second time.
  • There you have to activate a laptop during the mission in a house. On the second floor you will find a key there.
  • Continue playing until you enter a ship (the big hovercraft). There you have to turn off the first wave of enemies in the hangar.
  • Keep left in the next room where you can open the door with the key.
  • There is a gun box where you can find the Adrestia sniper rifle.
  • Decompose the weapon and you have your first part, the visor.

Step 2: Play infiltrated bases

Now it goes to the other bases, through which you get the remaining parts.

You will not be able to make Nemesis immediately if you start now. Because every week only one of the 3 other bases is infiltrated. You can play only one base per week as a site invasion.

These are the 3 other bases and the parts you get:

  • Capitol (run)
  • Roosevelt Island (bolt)
  • District Union Arena (bipod)

What is a site invasion? These are also called Invaded Missions.

When a mission or base is infiltrated, the Black Tusk expects you to be an enemy instead of the usual 3. Each week there is another assortment of site invasions.

At the moment (April 22), for example, District Union Arena is available as an Assault Invade, so get the part before you have to wait for it again.

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Step 3: Get the blueprint

How to Find the Nemesis Blueprint: To get the blueprint, you must complete the site invasion of Hotel Grand Washington.

You do not even have to finish it, the blueprint is dropped by “Puck”, the mission’s first designated enemy, early.

However, it looks like you have to complete the mission once before to get the blueprint.

This was also the case with Youtuber Arekkz, in whose video you can see how to find the parts:

Also your talents are very interesting, because you can load the shots of the weapon.

These are the talents of the Nemesis Exotic:

  • Sniper: Shots deal 1-100% damage. That depends on how long you charge the shot. To reload a shot, you must hold down the trigger. If you miss your target, the recharge time will decrease on the next shot.
  • Nemesis: If you target an enemy long enough, it will be marked for 15 seconds. As long as they are marked, you will see enemies through walls, and your damage will be increased by + 5% each second to + 50%.
  • Preparation: If you carry your nemesis in the holster, the head shot damage of your weapons will be increased by + 25% if you aim through a visor.

To craft Nemesis, you also need 35 polycarbonate, 25 carbon fiber, and 82 shutter housing components.

Nemesis is a real beast

This makes the exotic weapon so strong: sniper rifles basically have a high base damage. But Nemesis surpasses the other weapons of the same category by far.

The Exotic is even stronger than the precision-shooter’s individual weapon , the most powerful sniper rifle ever.

Players therefore suspect that the weapon could soon be weakened . But right now, almost any opponent can be eliminated with one shot in the head if he does not wear a helmet.

This makes Nemesis currently the strongest weapon in the game, even at higher levels of difficulty.

There are other exotics in The Division 2. Here’s a guide to the rifle:

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