The Fans Want Fifa 20 For The 10 New Leagues


In a poll, fans were asked which leagues they would want for FIFA 20 . These are the current results.

That’s what the poll says: The site has selected a number of leagues in their poll that FIFA 19 does not have. She wants to know from the fans which of the electoral leagues should be included in FIFA 20.

There are a number of leagues from all over the world to choose from, from the German regional league, the fourth highest league, to the “Trinidad & Tobago League”.

Although it is not an official survey, developer EA Sports is likely to take a closer look, with over 2.2 million fans participating in the process (22.4).

The 10 most wanted leagues

The Top 10 make stand 22.4. at 16:28 clock 39% of the total votes. These include, for example, the Mexican, Indonesian or German women’s league.

This is the top 10 survey so far:

  • Indonesian League – Go-Jek League 1 (6%, 140,044 votes)
  • Malaysian League – Super Malaysian Liga (6%, 139,671 votes)
  • Finnish League – Veikkausliiga (6%, 135,317 votes)
  • Romanian League – League 1 (4%, 77,692 votes)
  • Mexican 2nd League – Ascenso MX (3%, 77,142 votes)
  • Israeli League – Ligat ha’Al (3%, 72,070 votes)
  • United Arab Emirates – Premier Division of the UAE (3%, 68,648 votes)
  • Greek League – Super League (3%, 61,381 votes)
  • Allianz Women’s Bundesliga (3%, 60.228 votes)
  • Qatari League – Qatar Stars League (2%, 53,442 votes)

The Indonesian and Malaysian league stand close to each other with just under 500 votes, despite the 9th place, the women’s Bundesliga does not even come up with half as many votes.

After Qatar follow the Brazilian, Lebanese and Vietnamese league.

How come such results? That is hard to say. FIFA has a gigantic reach worldwide and is played in just about every country. Many fans would want their own leagues in an offshoot.

Could one of these leagues be added soon? Certainly only Electronic Arts can say that. But so far, EA has always replenished new leagues. A more prominent example in FIFA 18 was the 3rd German Bundesliga.

Whether one will really see a German women’s Bundesliga, however, is questionable. So far, there are only the national teams of women in FIFA 19, a leagues system would therefore have to be introduced so first.

Which league would you like to have? Write in the comments.

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