This Is How The MMORPG Albion Online Plays, If You Do Not Spend A Cent On It


Albion Online has been Free2Play since April 10th. Especially the entry should have been simplified by the latest updates. A good time for our author Alexander Leitsch to have a look at the MMORPG.

MMORPGs have accompanied me since I was eleven years old. Although I have played many different games over the years, Albion always ran under my radar due to iso-perspective and graphics.

However, now with the switch to Free2Play and the big onslaught of new players, I wanted to take a look inside. And Albion Online devoured many hours directly.

Little character options, but many freedoms

From Guild Wars 2, Black Desert or ArcheAge I’m used to very intense and detailed character creations. Peoples, classes, many options for the look and for details like piercings or tattoos.

Albion Online dispenses with the creation of these exact details. The biggest adjustment for me is the class choice. These are simply not available. How you play your class ultimately depends on the choice of equipment and the unlocked content on the Destiny Board.

But also on other details such as peoples or elaborate design of the characters was waived. You first choose from one of the new avatars. These are always people, but with an adapted look. Then you can choose between details such as skin color, hair color, body hair and underwear.

Right from the start, everything revolves around Grind

After creating the character, you end up on a small tutorial island. There one becomes familiar with the control and the first tasks. And already on this island you should collect material such as wood and stone to make armor and weapons.

These little quests already show you what a lot of the game time will be in Albion Online. Because in order to unlock higher levels of equipment, you have to produce the weaker equipment again and again.

But also the equipment has to be learned first. By killing many opponents with the weaker equipment, you learn to be able to put on higher equipment.

All these functions and content converge on the destiny board. Anyone who understands the board knows its duties in Albion Online.

Step by step to higher levels

After the starting area, the quests will stop at some point. From here it says: focus on the fate board!

This can be the fate board: Whether it’s unlocking new hardware stages, new equipment or more difficult expeditions. Only those who grind the previous levels reach a higher one. This is still fun on the first levels, but soon becomes monotonous.

For the highest levels, you have to make and identify items a dozen times. After many hours of farming and farming, I came to item level 5 out of a possible 8 tiers. But only in the craft.

Grind also when killing the opponents : To be able to create a higher equipment, one has to kill many opponents. These must be at or above a certain level.

So far, however, I am unable to apply Item Level 5. And that’s mainly because I hardly found any opponents.

Beautiful, full world

Switching to Free2Play did Albion Online well. There were suddenly queues and a huge number of players interested in the MMORPG. The world should now even be enlarged .

But the interest also has its price, especially when many players frolic in the initial areas.

Players make the cities confusing : on my first attempt to reach the auction house, it took me almost a minute to find the NPC. Not because it was hidden, but simply because so many players were with it.

And the same partly expected me in the areas. Finding and defeating enemies in the first zones was almost impossible. The players kept pouncing on the in my eyes far too few mobs anyway.

The focus of the areas are above all the resources and you have to collect plenty to get ahead

That is how I experienced the fight against other players for the first time

For higher equipment you need higher resources. And in order to get higher resources, one must inevitably in higher areas. Albion Online has a very easy to understand system:

  • The low areas have a blue mark. There is no PvP in these.
  • Higher areas are marked with a yellow mark. There you can optionally fight against each other.
  • The red areas are PvP areas. Here is the first action.
  • In black areas, it’s all about PvP.

The PvP in Albion Online is particularly interesting because it contains full-loot. He who dies drops his equipment and the opponent can pick it up. That’s damn annoying when you’ve just put on your first T4 armor.

My first experience was in a yellow field and is hilarious. Actually, I just wanted to fell a tree. But right there was a player. I clicked on it and accidentally attacked it.

Before I knew it, of course, the player struggled. And I had no chance. Then you have killed two options:

  • Wait 3 minutes and respawn in the same place
  • Respawn in a safe, remote location … and lose all equipment

I’ve been waiting for the three minutes and, kindly, the other player did not slam again after that to undress me completely.

How I learned to fight in Albion Online

The Skills in Albion Online : In a fight you can access four weapon and two helpful skills inaddition to the auto-attack. More are not available. What skills you can use, you determine the equipment.

They are therefore dependent on both the armor class, as well as the selected weapon. In the inventory you still have various skills to choose from by clicking on the equipment.

Dodge and Interrupt : It was only in PvP and in the expeditions that I learned that one should avoid enemy attacks by skilful moves or interruptions. The mobs from the first areas did not really ask for that, which is why I got a good job on the first PvP duel.

The entry into the combat system of Albion Online is so comfortable. But who fights against other players, should already know his skills and those of the opponent.

Housing and Endgame of Albion Online

What is the housing in Albion? Also just before writing this report I bought my own island. For this you need a premium account. You can gradually remove the island and build buildings there.

These include houses that you can decorate, craft buildings such as blacksmiths and agricultural facilities such as fields or herb gardens for food.

Also to build these buildings you need silver and all sorts of materials. You can reach this island from capitals. Mostly, however, there are already the craft buildings in these. Since on the island bank and auction house are missing, I see, with the exception of the own design, no reason for the purchase of these.

In addition, you can buy land and houses in the cities themselves. However, because the space is tight, you have to wait for auctions. And even if I have not seen, the purchase is probably not cheap.

The expeditions in Albion Online : I had a lot of fun so far with the expeditions. These are dungeons that you can sometimes enter alone or in a group from a city.

However, expeditions require equipment levels so you can not experience them all at once. The lower levels, however, were a lot of fun.

I have not been impressed by the difficulty so far. But that may change at the higher levels.

Random Dungeons : What was not feasible was the randomly generated dungeons that came into play with the Oberon update in March. At least for me.

Had I had a group with more players, then my passage would most likely have been more successful. But that is also one of the important points of Albion.

You have to team up with other players to fully experience the content. This is especially true for the PvP.

Arenas and GvGs : If PvP is not enough in the open world, you can participate in a more organized way. There are PvP arenas for this, but they also require a certain level of equipment.

In addition, individual guilds and alliances can control, conquer and defend specific areas of the world. These areas, in addition to collecting materials and the PvE dungeons, make up the endgame of the game.

With real money everything would be easier and faster

Swap Gold to Silver : It was only towards the end of my playing test that I struck once and bought gold. For 4.40 euros, there is the first package with 750 gold. This gold can be converted into silver, the ingame currency of Albion Online.

And for the 750 gold you get just under 1 million silver. And what have I spared myself with drama when it comes to silver?

Benefits of a money boost to start : If you carry too much weight in your inventory, then you run slower. The same applies to the mount. But if you want to use the craft properly, you need a lot of materials. The remedy here is a transport ox. This mount has much more capacity when worn.

But for that you first need the nearly 10,000 silver to afford the animal can. Even the moments when a few materials were missing to reach the next level in the craft, could relax with some silver solved.

You do not want to know how many times I walked back and forth between the open areas, the auction house and the craft shops, always on the edge of the weight limit. The mount is a must-have!

Premium character as a cherry on the sundae : If you want to top it off, you buy a premium account. More learning points, more resource and crop yield, more silver from the mobs and fame bonus.

All very useful if you want to get ahead quickly and save a lot of time. However, such a premium status is only valid for one character. But since you are not bound to any class, you can adjust the one to your liking again and again.

My conclusion

Albion Online was more fun for me than I thought after the first few minutes. The graphics, the steering and the grind had kept me from the MMORPG again and again.

But while I sometimes do not know what to do in Guild Wars 2, the Fate Board gives me a wealth of tasks. These are all connected with Grind, but who likes the carrot on the nose, has enough to do in Albion Online enough.

The PvP bouts were exciting and in the end I won at least a few of them in the open world. To be fair, though, I must admit at this point that I have not ventured into the Black Zones yet.

The topic of real money appears in connection with Albion Online again and again. A premium status is helpful in any case, but theoretically can be achieved by exchanging ingame currency to gold. While getting started with a small boost for a good mount and first gear, you can sell expensive materials in the endgame and claim the premium status. At least if you take a bit extra grind for that.

But if you’re looking for an MMORPG that focuses on PvP and has no problems losing your gear, then you’ll love Albion Online. In any case, I will continue to try to advance my character Sputtele in the coming weeks.


  • Good fighting system
  • Logical and thoughtful craft
  • Varied PvP systems
  • Constantly a carrot in the nose

  • Great influence through real money purchase
  • You have to like the grind
  • No overarching story
  • Currently a bit crowded