Twitch Removed Category “The Joy Of Sex” – That’s Behind It


The streaming service Twitch has long had the category “The Joy of Sex” (the pleasures of sex). But now the category has been closed. The streamer Sodapoppin goes to the barricades.

That’s what this category is all about: in 1993, a game called “The Joy of Sex” actually appeared – so there’s a twitch category for it. This was a game with educational requirements for the platform “Philips CD-i”

But without much warning, the category has now been removed from Twitch.

Therefore, the category is controversial: It is well known that Twitch drives a tough policy against “sexuality” in the stream.

The rules prohibit sexual content quite clearly. Streamers know that they experience problems when displaying any images on Twitch that are considered “sexual.” Even if streamers reveal too much skin in the wrong places, it can lead to annoyance and spells.

Yet, for years, the category “The Joy of Sex” has been out of place, totally contradictory to Twitch’s idea. Because just the fun of sex should not be a big topic.

Streamer used category for tests and indie streams

So the category was used: As the site, Kotaku writes streamer “The Joy of Sex” used mainly to enjoy themselves or to test their stream setup.

The category was not about sex, nor about the actual game, but it was a kind of twitch internal gag, in which even the category hit the audience probably curious.

A great streamer, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris (2.5 million followers), has used the category regularly and since 2017 spent about 122 hours in the category. He used “Joy of Sex” to stream indie games that did not have their own category on Twitch yet.

The Streamer says: In a live stream Sodapoppin now says:

“What? They took out The Joy of Sex on Twitch. I will make a rebellion. Be damned quiet. Do you have any idea how fucking proud I am that I spent most of my time streaming under “The Joy of Sex”. I worked for it. And to arbitrarily take that away from me … I swear, man. Why? That was my area! “


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