Where Is The Division 2 One Month After Release?

the division 2

The online shooter The Division 2 has been released about a month ago and has already gone through quite a bit. Our author Schuhmann looks at where the game is currently and gives an assessment of the situation.

These are the two phases of The Division 2: You can divide the history of The Division 2 into two phases:

  • The honeymoon, in which (almost) everything was great – went from the release on 15.3. until the 5.4.
  • the current WR-5 phase, in which many things are going well, but problems arise – the phase started with the 5.4. and the first big update . The phase is expected to end in May, when the raid goes live and the second big patch comes, which will plow half the game

Such were the honeymoon: The release of The Division 2 went well and without much difficulty. Many “core fans” from The Division 1 were thrilled with how Massive developed the cover shooter they know so well.

Above all, the campaign of The Division 2 was highly praised. The atmosphere, gameplay and strong polish of the game appealed to many.

The Division 2 was ready and ready for release – just in comparison to the month before appeared Anthem, The Division 2 had a lot to offer from day 1 on.

Massive also had a solid content plan on how to improve the game.

Was there any downer? On the whole, there were only clouds on the horizon in the first 3 weeks:

  • There was little PvP played
  • but when PvP was played, there was a much too strong build right there
  • the build variety was not as strong as hoped
  • In addition, many players came quickly into the then endgame – the frequent players were already finished

But there was always the belief: The Division 2 really starts with the world rank 5 and the raid later.

The Black Tusk took over with Patch 3.0 the command.

That was the nick: The patch on the 5.4. brought the world rank 5, but also some problems:

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  • So it became clear that the build variety is little given, because tanks are perceived as too weak
  • In addition, there were problems with the skill strength : the mod system did not work here
  • Some bugs and glitches came back with the patch
  • Overall, the balance on world rank 5 was not in many points – some talents are too weak, some types of weapons are hardly used , Exotics play no role, the special Gearsets are practically useless
  • And it turned out that the “Dark Zone”, the PvP, is rarely visited

This is how Massive reacted : The developers of The Division 2 responded with analysis and a “stop”:

  • With minor updates the worst problems were eliminated – it dropped then again about special Ammo
  • In addition, one has thrown the schedule, the Raid stopped first : The should appear only when the balance is right
  • It has come up with extensive plans to tackle the balance issues of tanks, talents, skill strength, and the Dark Zone
  • A test server for the PC has been introduced on which the new changes are already running

So The Division 2 is currently there: The honeymoon is over and the players are now aware of the difficulties.

The first patch was, in the eyes of many, a step backwards rather than an advance. Many see this as “complaining at a high level.”

The mood around The Division 2 is still good, if not as euphoric as in the first few weeks. The agents are currently in a wait position as to how the balance patch will run and how the raid will play.

To praise you must mention how well and sovereign Massive has responded to the problems so far. That was strong in communication. Massive is obviously close to the pulse of “The Division 2”, has already commented on every problem and presented solutions.

Now it will depend on how these problems are addressed in practice.

What’s next? The test server will run until at least May 2nd. The next big patch is expected in May.

When exactly that comes, you do not know at the moment.

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