Best Parkour Maps In Fortnite – Easy And Heavy Jump And Runs


With codes for the creative mode in Fortnite, you can participate in cool parkours. Here are some of the best parkour maps for Fortnite. This is for single player and multiplayer. How to use the codes, you will learn here.

What’s the matter? Fortnite offers players the ability to create their own worlds in creative mode . These can be race tracks, minigames, deathruns or parkour games. You have the opportunity to enter the code of a map with you in Fortnite and then romp on the map and set best times.

Creative Mode Codes and Maps for Fortnite – Where to Enter Code?

With the twelve-digit codes, you can easily participate in the various maps and you have to pay nothing. First, find out how it works.

How do I enter a creative mode code in Fortnite?

  • Start Fortnite in creative mode first
  • If you have selected the mode, you are in the lobby and practically ready to start
  • Click on “games” as usual
  • In the next screen select “Open a server” and click on Start
  • Then you spawn in the creative center. This is a kind of map with different portals leading you to creative servers
  • To enter a code, you go to one of the portals – but does not go through
  • At the portal you can now press the Interact button
  • In the following screen you can enter and select the code for the island
  • Now confirm the correct island with the button “Choose island” and then the portal for this island builds up. This can take a few minutes.

How to enter an island? All you have to do now is go through the resulting portal that you built in the previous step with the creative mode code. The portals that are active from the beginning are proposed by Fortnite itself.

The best parkour maps (jump and run) in Fortnite

Now you know how to enter the codes for creative mode. There is only a lack of input. Here’s a selection of the best parkour maps Fortnite has to offer. The leaderboard is based on player feedback and personal preferences of the author. With your tips we expand the list.

What are parkour maps? These are virtually obstacle courses that you should master. That’s what you do with difficult jumps and runs. Some runs are limited in time, others destroy the map behind you. Still others give you all the time in the world to master the tricky jump and runs.

Update: We have updated the article for you on April 23 with 5 more maps.

Fortnite Parkour for Beginners – Code 3306-6683-7895 (Easy)

To get a feeling for the parkour maps in Fortnite or just to plug in a sense of achievement, it is recommended to start with beginner maps. Such a Parkour for beginners created Vanyapoker.

He says his map is not about speed. You should have fun. Only two of the levels are a bit heavier.

Death Run for Beginners – Code 8612-3650-9889 (Easy)

This run created user DampFijiWater for the players who have no idea of ​​Death Runs and want to get familiar with the mechanics first.

On the Dushhrun for Noobs you should jump, slide, slide and fall through the narrowest passages. If you manage these 23 levels, you are ready for heavier death runs.

Surf Map in Fortnite – Code: 0983-2790-7319 (Easy)

Surf maps were already extremely popular in Shooter Counter-Strike. These maps are special because you have to slide along smooth surfaces to get there. This is called “surfing”.

The content creator Hooshen already loved the surf maps in Counter-Strike. Now he has created his own neon surf map in Fortnite and shares it with you. Give it a try. Hooshen says the map does not frustrate you and is easily solvable instead.

Parkour Map with Flintlock Pistol – Code 9553-6066-8952 (Medium)

With this map you have to prove your skill with the flintlock pistol in Fortnite. That’s the bum who has such a tremendous recoil that it can throw your character into the air.

The pistol is especially important on this Parkour Map, as it is the only way to safely overcome deadly obstacles and chasms. Content creator Hooshen introduces the map in the video.

Parkour and puzzle map “Into the ice cave” – ​​code 5717-5510-9405 (easy to medium)

In this map, creator Bludrive has made an effort to make it appear optically natural. Your task there is to loot all 5 hidden artifacts from the chests.

Players praise the look of the card, which dispenses with the many futuristic effects. Instead, you find yourself there in caves and mine shafts again.

Cizzorz Deathrun Challenge – Code 0940-9970-7913 (Hard)

This Parkour comes from itscizzorz and puts your skills to a deadly test. Once you die, you lose your progress and are reset. Driven by this fear, you think twice about how to jump.

You have to bring a lot of patience if you want to pass the Parkour. That takes a few tries. There are already some videos of participants who are playing through the course on YouTube.

Snipers VS Runners Code 7352-4203-8482 (For 2 Players)

This map comes from IdiotsPlayGames and is designed for 2 players. One takes on the role of the sniper, while the other player is to complete an obstacle course. The sniper tries to shoot the obstacle runner before he reaches the target.

Temple Run – Code 5001-0003-6492 (Destructive Map – Medium to Heavy)

This popular course is from dolphindom. The course is very popular with players on YouTube. Parkour is reminiscent of the game “Temple Run”. Especially on the map is that it is destroyed behind you.

Initially, you loosely dynamite from a box, which is then thrown on the first section of the track. As the course is completely interconnected, it gradually degrades after the first explosion – as you already know from Fortnite: Battle Royale structures.

APA Parkour University – Code 9469-8901-1491 (Extra Long Course – Hard)

Wertandrew’s course is for those players who want to nibble on a parkour for a long time. It is said that players have not made it under 20 minutes.

In addition, somewhere on the course a teddy bear is hidden. Visually, this course reminds of the portal games with its round passages and gloomy walls.

Christmas Death Run – Code 6393-9580-4517 (Easy)

This parkour comes from Creator icifyed and is decorated in a Christmas style. The course is among the simpler and is suitable for beginners.

Easy Death Run – Code 3214-0022-6635 (Easy to Medium)

The Parkour of Mnoksito, like the Christmas Death Run, is beginner-friendly. Although you will have to perform difficult jumps here, but all of which can be created with a little practice.

Tiny Towers – code 9674-8089-7319 (medium)

Nobel_’s Tiny Towers Map has provided a lot of positive feedback on Reddit. The goal is to secure the llama on top of the building. And that does not seem easy. The creator explains, however, that this map should be much simpler than the Deathrun of Cizzorz, which you will find earlier in the article.

Do you know any other cool parkour maps for Fortnite that we should include in this list? Then she writes us in the comments. And tell us which map you liked best from here.

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