Destiny 2: Weekly Reset On 23.04. – The Iron Banner Starts

Destiny 2

At  Destiny 2  today, on 23.04., Weekly Reset. The Spring Event is in the 2nd week and the April Iron Banner is live. There are also other fresh activities such as new twilight strikes or a new flashpoint. What’s in the week?

At Destiny 2, the event “Die Schwelgerei” is currently in full swing. If you only now come to the festivities, we have summarized everything important for the Spring Festival for you:

  • All information about the revelry event – So Destiny 2 celebrates the spring
  • Get Arbalest – How to get the new exotic weapon
  • All about Soulish Essence – This is how you get and use the Elixir

In addition, the week-long April Iron Banner has started today, where the Guardians can compete with each other in the Crucible under the stern eyes of the Iron Lord Saladin. You can find all information about this PvP event here:

  • The April Iron Banner launches today with these rewards

Twilight Strikes from 23.04. on PS4, Xbox One and PC

This time you can choose from the following Nightfall Strikes:

  • The Corrupted
  • Foreign terrain
  • Exodus crash

Recommended for this is a power level of 540 or higher. In a well-rehearsed task force, however, it goes without saying with a lower power level. If you want to customize your Nightfall experience with different modifiers, you can do that via the challenge card. Keep in mind that your loadout is suspended for the duration of the twilight strike.

Have you completed your Nightfall Loot collection? These dusk-exclusive bonuses can be earned in the current week.

You will receive powerful rewards from the Twilight Strikes if:

  • You successfully completed a Nightfall
  • You master a Nightfall with at least 100,000 points

Strikes and story missions

In the Vanguard Strikes and heroic story missions, the following modifiers are active in the current Destiny week: 

  • Empty-scorching
  • Blackout: Enemy melee attacks are much stronger and the radar is disabled
  • Heavyweight: Power weapons cause more damage and more ammo is available

Note: Until the weekly reset on April 30, the scorching element remains unchanged. The other modifiers, however, change daily.

You get powerful bonuses from strikes and heroic missions when:

  • You completed 3 heroic story missions
  • Complete your 3 heroic strikes with a focus on the same Light element as a member of your squad

Melting pot, gambit, billing

In PvP you have the choice between these modes:

  • Quick play
  • competitively
  • iron banner
  • Rumble
  • private Match

The following modifiers are active in billing:

  • Solar scorching
  • friction
  • Whipper

You will receive powerful bonuses from PvP, Gambit and Billing if:

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  • Your 5 Crucible matches denies
  • Her 3 Gambit matches are contested
  • Her 4 Gambit Prime matches are contested
  • Your billing runs successfully deny (up to 100%)

The  Vagabond  has weekly forays for Gambit Prime as well as “do it” for the normal Gambit. There’s a powerful item for that.

Lord Saladin has 7 weekly Iron Banner forays, all of which reward you with a Mighty Reward.

escalation protocol

The Escalation Protocol on Mars offers you this week the chance for the following weapon:

  • the legendary  shotgun IKELOS_SF_v1.0.1

Flashpoint, Ada-1, Petra, Spider, Raid

 You can find the new Flashpoint on Titan. If you master the marked adventure there, there is another powerful piece of equipment. 

When  Eva Levante  there is the new weapon Exotic Arbalest, indulgence packages and daily and weekly event forays. If you have just joined the festivities, you will first  receive the Schwelgischer Elixir and 50x Schwelgerische Essenz .

Ada-1  has all 7 powerful weapons forms on offer.

Ikora Rey  rewards you with Mighty Loot once you have successfully completed 20 random looting moves. From her there is also the weekly Loyalty Bonus for Vanguard followers . As a drifter sympathizer you get your reward from the rover.

Hawthorne  spits out a powerful item as soon as you have played 5,000 Clan XP. By completing the forays “Infinite Battle,” “Stay tuned” and “Friends?” You will receive more Powerful Items.

On Petra  Venj  you will meet in the Rheasilvia area of ​​the Dreaming City. Through your mission, the Ascendant Challenge, and the 8 daily forays, you can earn extra Mighty Rewards. This time it’s the  4th Ascendant Challenge  , and the Possessed Curse is spinning into its 3rd week. The Broken Throne is active .

From Spider  you get currently the weekly foray ” sweat gender thriller“. For this you will be rewarded with another powerful piece of equipment.

The  Raid Challenge takes  place in the Royal Baths .

The  loadout for the Prestige Raid sections :

  • a kinetic pistol
  • a scout rifle in the energy slot
  • a sword as a power weapon
  • Modifier: Gladiator

The highlights of the  Eververse :

  • a weapon ornament for the colony
  • the chest protection and leg protection of the new event armor sets
  • the exotic ship “Kabr’s Glas-Aegis”
  • the exotic ship “Visible Threat”
  • the exotic Sparrow “circumpolar light”
  • the exotic spirit-cover “ladybug”
  • an armor ornament for the Hunter Helmet Heavenly Night Hawk
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