New Update For Fallout 76 Brings Cameras As Weapons – The Patch Notes

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 went into maintenance mode on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A new patch is to be installed that brings new content into the game. Learn here what changes.

What is this patch? Today, on April 23, 2019, Fallout 76 went into maintenance mode at about 4:00 pm. A new patch will be added, bringing new items into play.

How long does the maintenance take? An end has not yet been announced. However, maintenance has taken roughly three hours, depending on the size of the new content.

Update from 6:40 pm – Fallout 76 is online again. You can now log in and play.

How big is the patch? The new patch 8.5 will have different sizes on PCs and consoles:

  • The size for the PC is under 1GB
  • The size for PS4 and Xbox One is roughly 2GB

Fallout 76 – patch notes for patch 8.5 from April 23 in German

New Feature – ProSnap Deluxe Camera: With the new Patch 8.5, Bethesda is implementing a new camera to complement the photo mode of Fallout 76 and has already been announced in the roadmap. The camera should work through snapshots that can be made in combat without having to switch to photo mode.

The camera itself can be equipped and modified like a weapon. By “aiming” a motif can be selected and a photo shot by “firing”. As a “munition” uses the camera films that you can make yourself at craft workbenches.

To get the camera, you have to recover a broken camera from dead tourists from Appalachia. You will then receive the quest “Bucket List” and from now on you can also complete challenges related to the camera.

New Shop Item – Repair Kit: Another change is the new Fallout 76 Repair Kits. These repair kits are designed to repair equipment instantly without using any materials. They come in two versions:

  • Basic Repair Kit: repairs a piece of equipment for 100% durability. For sale for 50 atoms (1 piece) or 250 atoms (6 pieces) in the Atom Shop.
  • Advanced Repair Kit: repairs a piece of equipment to 150% durability. Not for sale, can only be found as a rare drop.

The repair kits caused a lot of excitement in the run-up, as some fans thought the items were for pay-to-win content. Bethesda promised that the Atomic Shop would only receive items that would not bring competitive advantages.

That’s why Bethesda now writes in the official patch notes that the fans’ criticism has been heard. Currently, the kits are considered a “nice option.” If the repair kits turn out to be an advantage, Bethesda wants to customize them to eliminate those benefits.

In addition to the highlights, there are some balance adjustments and bug fixes. The full patch notes can be found on the Fallout 76 official website.

How do you like the changes?

The advertised player shops come later. But some fans were already creative:

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