Pokémon GO: Players Show How To Defeat The Strongest Raid With A Tank

Pokemon GO

In Pokémon GO, there is currently only Giratina as a legendary raid over the arenas. But this Raid boss can easily be defeated with Relaxo, as players prove.

How do you beat Giratina? In order for Giratina to be defeated, 3 players are enough to fight Relaxo. Relaxo is a classic defender and not really useful as an attacker.

He seems to be strong enough to defeat the currently strongest raid boss .

See how Relaxo easily defeats a Giratina

This is the video: In the video the coaches Jaker0315, MrDrProfZoidbrg and KingOfNoPants attack a giratina together. The coaches are not even all at the maximum level.

How does it work? It is quite remarkable that 3 players with Relaxo are enough to defeat Giratina. The Relaxo are all in control of the attack Tantrum. The Pokémon has learned this attack only recently.

This attack hits Giratina very effectively, allowing Relaxo to score points.

Can I do that too? This challenge is pretty easy to pass. You do not even need to level up your relaxo. It is enough if they have about 2700 WP and upwards.

Important is the attack Tantrum. If your Relaxo master this attack, then you should be able to easily put Giratina in threes.

This is behind the challenge: Again and again trainers try to set up special challenges. So you want to defeat with a very few players a legendary Pokémon or even with curious Pokémon.

We have already reported on these challenges several times:

  • A group of players only attacked and defeated a kyog with their Pikachu.
  • Players have defeated 4-star raids like Absol , Rizeros or Ninjask alone
  • Cresselia was defeated by only two players
  • Dialga was defeated in the duo
  • Rayquaza could even be defeated at level 25 in pairs

If you are looking for an overview of all current Raid bosses, you can find them here: