The Most Important Changes From The New Update Of Anthem – Patch Notes


With patch 1.1.0, Anthem has now received another update. Here are the most important changes from the patch notes summarized.

This is the new update: Patch 1.1.0 brings some new features and bug fixes. One of the biggest innovations is the new Stronghold “The Sunken Cell”.

When is the update available? You can already download the patch. Today, on 23.4. was a several hours server maintenance instead, in which the update was published. Meanwhile, the servers are online again.

How big is the update? The update is about 4 GB in size on all platforms.

These are the most important changes in the overview.

The Sunken Cell – the new Stronghold

What are strongholds? Strongholds or fortresses are larger-scale missions in Anthem. The Sunken Cell is the 4th available and first Stronghold to be added later.

When can you play the new Stronghold? The mission will be available once you have completed the main story.

Forges and missions can now be activated anywhere

Now that’s changing: The Forge is the menu where players customize their Javelin suits.

Previously, you always had to return to the HUB, Fort Tarsis, to modify your equipment.

With patch 1.1.0, the blacksmith can now use anytime.

The same applies to the mission election. Previously, you had to stop every mission and return to Fort Tarsis to choose another one. That was annoying due to the loading times.

From now on you can jump from mission to mission without a return.

Which areas are affected? You can now use the forge in all activities:

  • missions
  • Strongholds
  • Freeplay

Incidentally, contracts can now be accessed anywhere. You do not have to run to every NPC to accept orders.

New universal components

With the new update, there are also 3 new universal components with different properties.

These are the new universal components:

  • Extended Sniper Magazine: Adds space for special sniper ammo. Increases base damage by + 30%, significantly increases magazine capacity.
  • Rapid Hollow Points: Adds space for special Rifle Pistol and Autocannon ammunition. Increases base damage by + 30%. Also increases the damage to weak points from row fire pistol and autocannon.
  • Extended Special Arms Magazine : Adds space for special pistol and grenade launcher ammo. Increases base damage by + 30%. Increases the magazine capacity of both weapon types significantly.

So these are components with which certain types of weapons can be specifically improved.

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Balance Changes

Patch 1.1.0 brings some balance changes that affect both weapons and gear. These are mainly improved bonuses.

These are some examples:

  • Wyvernblitz (sniper rifle): bonus is increased from + 40% to 185%
  • Infinite Combat (Row Fire Pistol): Increases bonus from + 110% to 145%
  • Death from above (precision rifle): bonus is increased from + 65% to + 235%
  • Serpent Veil (Interceptor Ability): Increases bonus from + 100% to + 202.5%.
  • Coldblood (Rangers Ability): Increases bonus from + 235% to + 270%.

Of the buffs many more items and weapons are affected.

There are many bug fixes

In addition to the new features and balance changes, there are also some bugs that have been fixed according to the patch notes.

This is a selection of the biggest fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where a titan’s fireball projectile could hit despite dodging.
  • Status elements should now run properly and not be active any longer than the ingame timer indicates.
  • A bug was removed where the shield of the storm by a bug in some cases received no resistance bonus when the player was floating.
  • Explosive ammunition should now, as intended, explode destructible objects as well.
  • The Ravager rifle should now be refilled as your ammo picks up.
  • Some text names have been adjusted.
  • Problems with NPCs in Fort Tarsis have been fixed. These include animation bugs and several other minor bugs.
  • Target monsters will now continue to be targeted, even if you are further away.
  • Fixed a bug in a world event that caused Sentinels to disappear from the battlefield even though they were part of the event.
  • Collectibles no longer have to be picked up by each player. If you are in range of 100 meters, you will receive collected collectibles automatically.

This is just an excerpt of the many changes that are in the patch. The full list of patch notes can be found on the official site .

Have you already loaded the patch? What do you say to the new update?

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