Days Gone – Free Survival Mode More To Follow In June

Days Gone

Already a few weeks ago, Sony has confirmed that there will be more DLC and updates for “Days Gone”, whose plans are being continued today. So already in June, a free additional content appears.

So Sony is talking about a new level of difficulty and new weekly challenges that all owners of Days Gone expect – for free. The new level of difficulty is called survival mode and is described as follows:

“In Survival mode, players must complete the action with increased difficulty and an immersive HUD that hides cards and markers on the game screen. In addition, they have to give up help such as the fast trip and the survival view. Any change serves the purpose of getting players deeper into the action and raising the tension to provide the ultimate survival battle. “

In addition, then expect weekly bike, horde or fight challenge, which will bring you to your limits. These build in a unique way on the core elements of Days Gone and promise additional items and rewards, which can then be presented, among other things, in photo mode, such as new bike skins.

Days Gone officially releases this Friday.