Epic Will Renounce To The Exclusives If Valve Will Decrease Its Profit Percentage

Epic Games

The struggle between Epic Games and Valve – or better yet, among their stores – is being fought above all on the level of exclusives. Thanks to the 12% required from the developers, compared to the 30% demanded by Steam, the Epic Games Store is attracting many titles to itself, grabbing the publication in exclusive time (which is six months or twelve, little change). Now, however, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has stated that his company may renounce this strategy.

Through Twitter, in fact, Sweeney stated that: ” If Steam committed itself to guaranteeing 88% revenue to all developers and publishers, without additional requests, Epic could quickly organize a” retreat “from the exclusives (honoring the previous agreements with partners) and could consider putting their games on Steam. 

As we already know and as reiterated once again, Sweeney is firmly convinced that the 30% required by Steam is the first problem of the gaming industry in the PC world. ” We are determined to remedy this and this is the approach that will allow us to achieve a great change. 

A user then asked what Sweeney meant, precisely, when he said ” without additional requests “. The CEO replied: ” The key points are: the games can use any online system such as friend lists and accounts, at their discretion, the games are free to interoperate between different platforms and stores, the store does not tax profits on other stores or other platforms (for example, if you play Fortnite on both iOS and PC), if you play a game on more than one platform, the internal elements you bought must be available everywhere. “

These are very strong statements, but it seems difficult that Valve can really change its strategy. It would be interesting if it happened, not only because it would allow developers to earn more and give them more chances to create new games, but above all because we would like to see if Sweeney would really be willing to keep a promise of this kind. What do you think about it?