Microsoft Xbox: Services On The Rise, Hardware Down!

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft is preparing to launch its next-generation console, namely Xbox Scarlett (here you will find all the information available ), and in the meantime it has announced its financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2019. The information published by the company makes reference to a period from 1 January to 31 March.

According to Microsoft  itself , the More Personal Computing sector , which includes the video game division, has become one of the strengths of the great American company. Its active users, subscribers to the Xbox Live service, have reached 63 million , unlike the previous year where users were 59 million.

The number of users has fallen by one million since the previous fiscal quarter , but considering that it was the Christmas period it is thought that the decline is due to a personal and physiological fact. But if on the one hand we have a service that is currently on the rise, on the other we have a fall in Xbox hardware sales. The consoles have sold less than the services provided by Microsoft, and have failed to keep pace.

The total revenues of the video game sector have made the company earn $ 2.63 billion , 5% more than the previous year. The growth is mainly due to the services that Xbox provides to its users, that is the number of subscribers, which grew by 12% more than 2018. The More Personal Computing sector is the one that brought Microsoft the best performance, placing itself above the Producity and Intelligent Cloud sector . In short, Microsoft , thanks to the videogame sector and its subscribers, manages to further increase its sales compared to all its other sectors.

Did you think that the services associated with the consoles earned the company a higher percentage than the consoles themselves? What do you think about Microsoft and the Xbox?