Nintendo Switch: There Will Be No Announcements At E3 2019 For New Hardware


From month to month, we witnessed various rumors and leaks that Nintendo wanted to work on new Nintendo Switch models . There has been talk of an economic version, but also of a model with another budget that improves the current screen. In the last few days, moreover, there has been a rumor of the possibility that the Kyoto house is ready to distribute the Switch “Lite” already in June, with an obvious announcement at E3 2019.

Well, it won’t be like that, or rather, there will be no announcement at the Los Angeles festival. To confirm it is the same CEO of Nintendo . Obviously this does not mean that a new console is not in progress and that this cannot be released in June, but if the big N has already decided not to show new hardware at E3, a release in the same month seems really difficult.

Mr. Furukawa, or the CEO, also informed investors that the company intends to sell 18 million consoles in this fiscal year, thus exceeding the total fifty million. In addition, the forecast for software sales is 125 million Nintendo Switch games.

Important goals, which would probably allow us to exceed the number of Xbox One currently on the market. The Microsoft console settles at 41 million and, given also the physiological drop in sales due to the expectation of the next-gen , it seems difficult that it could sell more than ten million during the year. In any case, we will be able to see if Nintendo’s figures are credible only over the months. Tell us, are you disappointed that there will be no new hardware-themed ads at E3 2019? If you want to know all the dates and times of the event, you can find them at this address .


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