Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, Speedrunner Makes The Protagonist Fly And Sets A New Record


Many gamers love challenges, and when it comes to completing a game in the shortest possible time, the classic gamer  turns into a  speedrunner. This type of player uses the most diverse ways to end a game in the shortest possible time , whether it’s bugs or even glitches. The speedrunner phenomenon has always existed, already with old games many players enjoyed finishing the game in an impossible and sometimes ridiculous time.

Thanks to FromSoftware and the new (below) genre created by them, that is the beautiful but so difficult SoulsLike, this fashion has spread like wildfire. Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, although not properly a SoulsLike, is preparing for these challenges and, in fact, it is one of the last titles taken “targeted”  by speedrunners. The latest effort from FromSoftware, defined as one of the most difficult titles in recent years, has recently been completed in just an hour, but now there is someone else who boasts of having completed it in less time: 24 minutes and 37 seconds. Let’s talk about Distortion2 , of which you can find the video below.

In particular,  Distortion2 has used a recently discovered glitch that allows it to remain suspended in mid-air; simulating flight . Other speedrunners from Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice used other types of tricks,  such as dying at certain points to avoid certain bosses, or using different objects to deceive the game’s artificial intelligence. With the discovery of this new glitch, now defined essential for speedrunners , it is possible to overcome the difficult game in no time.

We remind you that the players of Sekiro have put themselves to the test in many other challenges, like the player who defeated one of the strongest bosses with only a steering wheel and pedals.  If you are not interested in real speedruns  we advise you to take a look at a streamer who has completed an entire run without suffering any damage .