Starlink: Battle For Atlas – Further Content Update, Crimson Moon ‘Announced


Even if the Toys support for ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ ends, the game will be provided with further content updates. So Ubisoft today announced additional content that focuses on the mysterious purple moon in the Atlas star system.

As part of the free update, Crimson Moon players can explore the Outlaw Games arena. They can also compete in brand-new split-screen single and two-player racetracks, fight the waves of reckless enemies in the Crimson Coliseum, and track their rank and stats in the leaderboards.

The Crimson Moon will affect the entire world of Atlas and offers players the opportunity to participate in new story missions and weekly challenges. In addition, players can expand their crew and play through the new Crimson Moon content with five new pilots, three new spaceships and eleven new weapons, which are available separately and in purely digital form.

The free Crimson Moon Update will be available from April 30th.