Surviving Mars: Green Planet Will Be Released In May, Laika Project

Surviving Mars

The recently announced Green Planet expansion for ‘Surviving Mars’ will be released next May, Paradox announces today. In addition, you introduce a video with the Laiko Project and there is a tutorial video.

Surviving Mars: Green Planet führt unter anderem Terraforming-Parameter in die Survival-Aufbausimulation ein, die neue Stufen strategischer Tiefe bescheren. Die Spieler können damit neue Anlagen bauen, spezielle Projekte abschließen und Pflanzen auf der Oberfläche des Mars anbauen, um den feindseligen Planeten zu terraformieren und der Menschheit ein zweites Zuhause zu geben. Sobald der Mars menschliches Leben ermöglicht, können die Spieler den Dome öffnen, um ihre Kolonisten frische marsianische Luft einatmen zu lassen.

But not only people can try to live on Mars. The Laika Project Content Pack also adds a variety of home and farm animals that benefit the colonies and improve life on the Red Planet. Thus, farm animals can be bred to increase food production while pets explore their new home. Players should look out which pets the settlers hold, because some of them might be a surprise.

The features of Surviving Mars: Green Planet:

  • Terraforming : Mars can be terraformed to make the hostile planet habitable for humanity. Any decision made in the colony to make the Red Planet more liveable may affect the parameters of atmosphere, temperature, water, or vegetation. Via “Planetary Overview UI” players can check their progress on a planetary scale. Once atmosphere is created to breathe, they can let their colonists breathe in fresh Martian air.
  • Green Mars: Players can cover the surface of Mars with various lichens, grasses, shrubs or trees and watch as the Red Planet grows greener. Easy-care plants can improve soil quality to grow more complex plants, while trees provide high seed yields for colony harvesting. Soil quality as well as health and growth of the plants should always be checked.
  • Special Projects: Players can participate in seven special, challenging projects, including: melting off the polar caps, capturing ice asteroids, creating a space mirror, and more. But beware! All of these projects have a lasting impact on the planet that can trigger natural disasters.
  • 7 new terraforming facilities: Players can build seven new facilities that will help terraform the planet and capitalize on change. GHG emissions can be released into the atmosphere through a GHG facility, the reforestation plant increases the growth of the vegetation, the water pump creates a natural lake and much more.
  • Climate catastrophes: The terraforming of Mars can lead to unexpected consequences. If too much greenhouse gas is released into the atmosphere, it may lead to acid rain, which negatively impacts soil quality. Or if an asteroid hits the planet, a potential Marsquake can significantly disrupt the colony’s production.

The Project Laika Content Pack includes:

  • Animal Farm: Players can breed up to eight different farm animals. On the pastures of Mars are cows, chickens, pigs and more. Farm animals can be raised to slaughter on the new indome or outside farms.
  • Best friend of the Martians: The animal package includes 25 different pets, including ordinary animals such as cat, dog or rabbit, but also unusual candidates such as llama, penguin or platypus. Once the planet has been adequately terraformed, the pets go outside to explore nearby bushes and trees.

The Surviving Mars Season Pass includes the Green Planet expansion and the Project Laika Content Pack, which will be available from May 16th.