Twitch: Banned Streamer For A Never Uttered Racist Insult


It often happens that known faces of Twitch, due to some gesture made during the live shows, subsequently find themselves banned by their own personal profiles, or even by some game: like a cosplayer banned from her profile for having done a live show in which she showed how perform the cosplay of one of the Apex Legends characters . Now, the news comes of another boy who has been denied access to his Twitch channel.

We are talking about one of the most famous streamer regarding the League of Legends scene , namely Ashkan Homayouni in art  TF Blasde ,  who found himself banned from his Twitch profile after doing one of his usual direct. The incident happened on Tuesday, and the cause appears to be an alleged racial insult.

The streamer defended himself by saying that he was wrongly accused by the Twitch staff , and that he was misunderstood. Homayouni initially thought he had actually said something that might have offended someone, but then as also reported on his Twitter profile, he claimed he had not said anything serious and that, according to him, the insult used was simply the word idiot ( of which you find a clip just above).

Initially the punishment “to be paid” was the suspension of the account for 30 days, but after talking to the Twitch staff (who checked from its history) the penalty was reduced to 7 days. ” My reputation was ruined by a mistake made by them, this is really unfair, ” said Homayouni, accusing Twitch, who was frustrated especially with the sponsors’ speech.

To take his defense, on Twitter, we find some internal figures of Riot Games (developer of League of Legends). The owner of Team Liquid also mobilized, contacting Twitch directly to discuss the ban imposed on the streamer.

What do you think of this gesture taken by Twitch? Do you think it was too heavy?