Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – About Thinblood & Disciplines


Paradox today announced further news, vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 ‘known and had a nod to the Thinblood and disciplines.

Thinbloods are a weaker, younger form of the well-known vampires who find themselves in a constant struggle for survival in the World of Darkness. Although they are often treated by their full-blooded relatives as second-class citizens, the Elite Seattles is remarkably tolerant of the Thinbloods. Especially considering that Seattle recently fell under the rule of the Camarilla, the city of Thinblood offers good career opportunities within the vampiric society. Yet they are rarely given the same respect that full-fledged members of established clans enjoy.

At the beginning of the game, players choose one of three Thinblood disciplines Chirpoteran, Mentalism, or Nebulization, which determine their abilities at the beginning. The disciplines are based on the well-known Pen & Paper template and give the vampires unique combat and movement abilities that can be developed during the game forest step. Each discipline includes two active powers and three passive bonuses.

  • Chiropteran – a powerful affinity to bats
  • Glide – The glide massively reduces the weight of the user and allows the vampire to reach remote locations, to swoop down on victims, or to attack them from the air with other abilities.
  • Bat Swarm – the second active ability of the Chiropteran allows the summoning of a small bat swarm to attack opponents and thus temporarily distract them. The incantation can be further enhanced until it unleashes a veritable storm of leather wings on the enemies of the vampire.
  • Mentalism – telekinesis ability
  • Pull – Through the power of the mind-objects can be manipulated – from switches to weapons in the hands of enemies, nothing is safe from this ability.
  • Levitate – Thanks to the second active ability of the mentalists, they can levitate their opponents in the air. True masters can hurl everything and everyone around them like puppets through the air.
  • Nebulation – the fog of grays!
  • Crap Shroud – Evil lurks in the fog. Wrapped in a magical cloud of mist, this ability allows it to sneak past its opponents or even attack them out of the fog.
  • Envelop – creates a blinding, poisonous mist that fills the lungs and eyes of your opponents.

Similar to the Thinbloods, each of the five clans has unique abilities, upgrade capabilities and more that will allow players to explore the World of Darkness in Seattle in other ways.

More details on vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will follow in the coming weeks.