American Fugitive – Release Confirmed In May


Curve Digital and Fallen Tree Games today confirm that their open-world action shooter, American Fugitive, will be released next May. There are also new gameplay impressions today.

Settled in the sleepy American town of the 1980s, American Fugitive invites you to play the role of Will Riley. You are not an angel, but you are not a murderer. But the cold-blooded murder of your father is the crime you were imprisoned for. Driven by grief and a burning desire for revenge, you must break out of prison in American Fugitive to find the real culprit.

The fast-paced gameplay will let gamers discover the joy of top-down carnage with stunning 3D graphics and destructible environments, dramatic storytelling and epic car chase chaos, according to Curve Digital. With American Fugitive you want to establish such a new era in the sandbox genre.

American Fugitive will be available from May 23, 2019.