Causa: Voices Of The Dusk – Multiplayer Trading Card Game For PS4 Announced


The Chilean developer Niebla Games is currently working on the ambitious multiplayer trading card game, Causa: Voices of the Dusk ‘, which wants to score with a rich narrative and a particularly innovative gameplay.

The game here is that you’ll find strategically sophisticated cardinal duels fought in an equally deep and exotic fantasy world full of adventure and magic. In the role of a powerful leader, players join one of six factions who are fiercely fighting for supremacy to enforce their ideals through fame, spirituality, prosperity, and influence. There is no right or wrong. Rather, all players develop their own strategy and battle tactics to bring their opponents to their knees.

“We are very proud to have come this far with Causa,” said Maureen Berho, co-founder and CEO of Niebla Games. “The game is essentially a very exciting metaphor for the different and complex shape that can take power in society and how it works.”

Causa can be played in either Campaign or Duel mode. While players face dueling 1v1 battles in duel mode, Campaign Mode has plenty of challenges and map-based missions. In the process, players immerse themselves in the fantastic world of Causa, Voices of the Dusk, and experience a wealth of gripping stories that get under their skin.

“The mix of strategically challenging and compelling gameplay, a profound narrative and an exceptionally inspirational visual transformation make Causa, Voices of the Dusk’s spell,” adds Creative Director Nicolás Valdivia. “We are convinced that our game will find many fans worldwide.”

Early players of the game can now sign up for a beta test on the official website. When exactly Causa: Voices of the Dusk appears is still unclear.