Death Stranding – Kojima Speaks At The Tribeca Film Festival About The Open World

Death Stranding

At this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York, mastermind Hideo Kojima and actor Norman Reedus were present to talk on a panel about Death Stranding. Small Disclaimer anticipation: We have not experienced much new.

Since the announcement of Kojima’s current project, the hungry fans are waiting for tangible information – but they are only served very little by little. At the Tribeca Film Festival, Kojima explains his personal vision of Death Stranding: The central core of the game is that the players are somehow connected. The Open World and their commitment to the player also play an important role. Kojima has already stressed that several times but never elaborated in detail. The story and the game world should also be related to the real world: some events are parallels to human rights movements and crises in Europe.

Norman Reedus (known, among others, from The Walking Dead ) stated that he was completely involved in his role as Sam Porter Bridges, the protagonist of Death Stranding, and to bring in every aspect of his own personality.

Incidentally, there was no new gameplay by Death Stranding. And regarding the release period, Kojima and Sony continue to be covered.


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