Death Stranding: Lots Of New Details, Kojima Tells Us When We Can See Something New

Death Stranding

Death Stranding continues to remain shrouded in mystery. From month to month we were able to read various rumors, especially related to the possible release date (the latest declarations want the game to be “slightly late”), but the real shadow of information on the nature of Kojima’s new game. Recently, however, Kojima, along with Norman Reedus, was a guest of the Tribeca Film Festival where new details on Death Stranding were revealed. Here’s what was revealed.

To begin with, it was repeated that Death Stranding is an open world action game, but its goal is to bring something new to the genre . The main theme is the “connection”. Kojima uses the concept of the Internet as a metaphor to explain the question: the player will be alone, but will still try to connect with something. The “connection” will be important both in terms of plot and gameplay: everyone will be connected. It was not possible to say more, since Sony does not allow it, but Kojima was visibly enthusiastic about the issue.

The players, through the plot, will be led to think of themselves, of the way they connect (but also disconnect) from others and from the world. The narrative component is indeed primary, but obviously managing it in an open world is difficult , since you need to balance freedom of movement and plot: if you want to find out more about the history of the game, you will have to go in a certain direction, but it must be about a player’s choice.

Kojima then talked about his relationship with Hollywood actors : his opinion is that it is possible to create what you want with simple CG, but in this way it would be limited by what is in his head. Real actors can give more depth. Kojima says he wants to use motion capture forever.

Norman Reedus, who plays Sam, the protagonist, said that players will cry while they play the game. The work will involve many fans. Finally, Kojima said he would like to continue creating games to the point of death. He concluded by saying that we could see something new about the game in about a month, “maybe”. We really hope so! Tell us, what do you think of Death Stranding?