Fortnite: Here Are The Challenges Of Week 9 Season 8!


As every week, the Fortnite developers have released information regarding all the weekly challenges and related missions of Week 9  Season 8.  The new week is perfectly in line with the previous ones, held over the last four seasons; the players will be put to the test and, obviously, there will be a series of prizes waiting for them.

Although the event dedicated to the Avengers is currently active (on the occasion of the release of Avengers: Endgame in theaters), Fortnite releases the aforementioned weekly challenges, leaving their fans to decide which of the modes to choose.

Here is all the information about the challenges available from Epic Games:

  • Phase 1: lands to Sack of Banks (0/1) (1 Star of the Battle)
  • Search for Forzieri Polar Peak or Retreat Retreat (0/7) (5 Stars of the Battle)
  • Use 3 different volcanic conduits without landing (0/1) (10 Stars of the Battle)
  • Phase 1: Dances between the ice sculptures (0/1) (1 Star of the Battle)
  • Inflict damage to opponents from below (0/500) (5 Stars of the Battle)
  • Revive a buddy in a restart van (0/1) (10 Star of the Battle)
  • Eliminate an opponent in different games (0/5) (10 Stars of the Battle)

Nothing so complicated, except in the case of missions related to eliminations that could take a little more time than expected. We will return soon with more information related to the weekly challenges of Season 8 Week 9 which, we remind you, is the penultimate week before the end of the current season, or season 8.

If you want to discover everything that, according to rumors, will be introduced with the arrival of the new season, we invite you to read the related news. To stay up to date on everything related to the Fortnite gaming world, we advise you to continue to follow our site and the page on the game that is always updated and with all the information available!