Apex Legends: Respawn Speaks Of A New Mode

Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale of Respawn Entertainment, has been repeatedly criticized over the last few weeks and the reasons are many. There is one dominant and, we can say it without particular fear, is the real core of the matter: there are few contents . A single map, a single new legend and a single weapon added as early as the D1: accustomed to Fortnite’s continuous weekly changes, real battle fans can’t get bored quickly.

If we have understood it, enthusiasts, it is obvious that the developer is well aware of it. After an initial period full of doubts, as confirmed by the CEO in person , Respawn seems ready to roll up its sleeves and expand the offer of Apex Legends with new modes and different ways to experience the shooter.

In fact, via Reddit, a player asked Respawn if they were ” exploring new ways to play” . The user has pointed out how many want ways for individuals or couples, while others want private lobbies and matchmaking based on skill level. In response to these questions, the community manager confirmed that they are working on something new, but clearly cannot go into details.

He also confirmed that Respawn is aware of the problems of progressing to higher levels and has admitted that it is too slow and does not guarantee sufficient rewards. We can expect news about June, probably also at EA Play of E3 2019 ( here dates and times ). Also in the same month, it will be available from Season 2.

Other problems are related to the pace of play, especially towards the middle of the game when the safe zone is too large for the number of teams left. Respawn is aware of this, even in this case, but is not sure how it should solve the thing. There is not much information for now, but fans can still get some peace of mind knowing that Respawn is at work.