Death Stranding Coming To PC? Kojima Does Not Deny It

Death Stranding

One of the most anticipated games of the moment, and one of which is unfortunately less known, is definitely Death Stranding . In fact, we know very little about the title, but only the fact that behind it there is the legendary game designer Hideo Kojima turns the minds of even the quietest of gamers on.

At present the adventure born from the mind of the creator of Metal Gear Solid is expected exclusively for PlayStation4 , having been largely funded by Sony . Some indiscretions that have never been completely turned off, however, suggest a PC version of the current title. Voices that have never found either foundation or denial, leaving room for the chatter of the experts.

Trying to shed light on the story once and for all, a fan tried during an interview with Kojima  at the 2019 Tribeca festival , an interview that has already given us several juicy information about the title. Unfortunately things didn’t go differently this time either, and the game designer, as the tweet here above shows, easily avoided the question again. If  Kojima is just having fun playing with fans or if a PC version of Death Stranding is practically certain then there is unfortunately not yet known.

What is certain is the aforementioned Sony contribution to the development of the title. In addition to financial resources, the company behind PlayStation has also supplied Kojima with Decima Engine , the graphic engine created by Guerrilla Games . Although this may not directly affect the possibility that Death Stranding lands on personal computers, it is clear that Sony has created a preferential corridor to distribute the highly anticipated title.

Do you think the title of Kojima Productions will ever reach our beloved PCs? Let us know in the comments!


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