Death Stranding – Some Info From The Tribeca Film Festival

Death Stranding

Last weekend, Hideo Kojima’s panel also appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival , where he talked about, among other things, ‘Death Stranding’. In this respect, there are some ideas again, what to expect with the game. Really, however, you will not continue to do so.

The topic in Death Stranding therefore turns against wars and nuclear power and is partly compared with what is happening here in Europe. Whether it becomes politically political is not clear, but it is emphasized that the player will also have fun while expressing real connections. As a genre you see yourself in the field of action and open world, but something completely new in it. You can move freely anywhere and do what you want, even if that does not necessarily bring you forward in history. About the player should be able to decide for themselves.

Furthermore, Death Stranding is described as a very emotional, but also brutal game, but without being a pure killing game. It is even believed that many players will cry because of the emotional influences, especially as the character of Mad Nielsen has been created very “intense” .

In conclusion, it says that you continue to pursue the original idea of ​​Death Stranding and will not move away from it. This results mainly from the feedback that has been received to date for the game.

When Death Stranding appears, however, is still unclear.