Destiny 2, Staff Is Leaving Bungie

Destiny 2

Bungie is going through a particular period in the last few months and this has, consequently, consequences also on Destiny 2 , the last work of the software house. In fact, in January the studio famous for being the birthplace of the Halo saga abandoned Activision , bringing with it the rights attached to the Destiny franchise . However, Bungie’s transition to independent study does not seem to have been completely painless.

A few months after this event, a sort of internal restructuring would appear to be underway within the studio, with different personalities, even prominent ones, leaving the famous software house . The latest Bungie spills are  Joe Blackburner , former Chief of Destiny 2 Raids , and Jill Scharr , narrative lead of the excellent I Rinnegati expansion .

The most curious part of all this, however, is that, as you can see in the tweets above, both have abandoned the study the same day , ie yesterday, April 27th. Add to all this the fact that in the last month to leave Bungie were also the weapon specialist Jon Weisnewski and the sandbox lead Josh Hamrick , for a total of four losses of the highest level.

An exodus of this magnitude immediately alarmed the numerous fans of the saga, who wondered what was actually happening to the software house behind the two Destinies. Unfortunately, no official communication was made in this regard and it is therefore difficult to hypothesize a real motivation behind this event. The only thing certain is that in June the third and final expansion will be released, included in the annual Destiny 2 pass, and therefore it will soon be time for Bungie to clarify the future of the saga.

What do you think of this news? Are you worried about Destiny 2 or do you trust Bungie fully ?


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