Fortnite, A New Map Is Needed For Tfue


Like it or not, there is little to do: Fortnite has been the title of the moment for more than a year and its great popularity has helped to build and consolidate the fame of several streamer. Together with the ubiquitous Ninja one of the biggest names, and one of the most talented players, of the Epic Games title community is definitely Tfue. These users, being very well known, often have an important voice on the events of the battle royale .

Not surprisingly, then, as the words of the young Tfue , especially the most critical towards the product of Epic Games , often make a stir, creating several discussions among Fortnite players . The object of the streamer’s hatred is, this time, the game map which, according to him, needs to be heavily modified.

“I played an infinite number of battle royale and the Fortnite map is probably the worst one I came across . Anything inside it, even the placement of objects, makes absolutely no sense “: this is how Tfue stated in a slightly less sweetened way during a live on Twitch . Probably these statements were made hot but it is undeniable that, indeed, the Epic Games title game map has never undergone substantial changes since it was made available in 2017.

Of course, with the passing of the different seasons some points of interest have been added or modified, see for example the fearsome volcano introduced in Season 8, but the base of the whole has always remained the same . That between the words of the famous streamer there is therefore some background of truth and, why not, also some anticipation on the forthcoming Season 9 of the battle royale?


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