Fortnite: Sponde Del Sacaggio Will Be The Focus Of A Journey Through Time?


Season 8 of Fortnite is heading towards its conclusion and Epic Games has started to create a series of strange events within the game world of the famous battle royale, which suggest many new features included with the arrival of season 9 . The events in question have targeted a particular location, namely Shores of Sacking.

After having talked about what is happening inside the world of Fortnite , like the Rune event and some areas that are about to be destroyed, it is now the underground bunker that appeared in the Shores of Sacking . In order to enter the  recently introduced caveau, it is necessary to complete the puzzle of the six runes that surround it, of which five have already been resolved and positioned in their place. But what event will take place near the Landing Shores?

The Fortnite community has been asking for this for quite a while and the famous dataminer could only come to our aid. These distinct players have scrutinized the code and the numerous game files (and updates) minutely, discovering some very interesting information. The first leaks provided by the dataminer announce that Epic Games wants to propose possible journeys in time , thus allowing players to choose which weapon or object passed back into the Fortnite game world .

Soon a vote will come, where you can choose what to bring back into the game. The objects in question will be the bouncy platform, the grappling hook, the drum pistol, the planes, the Infinity Blade sword, and the tactical submachine gun . Only one of these will be re-introduced into Fortnite, and will arrive with the advent of season 9.

What do you think of all this? What do you think you can hide inside the underground bunker?


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