Half-life 3: Available A Demo Of A Fan Made Project

Half Life 3

Some still want to believe it, others have completely surrendered, but in any case Half-Life 3 is in the thoughts of many players, even today. A new chapter in the Valve series is the dream of many: in development, as we know, there is a Boreal Alyph , which aims to conclude the events of Half-Life 2. It is not the only project existing though; Denys Almaral, in fact, has released a demo of his personal Half-Life 3, created in Unreal Engine 4.

The demo uses only free assets available through the Unreal Engine marketplace and is developed by a single person, but the one created so far is very interesting, visually. The main objective is to give an idea of ​​things would be a Half-Life 3 if it were developed today, with Unreal Engine 4.


Now, you can download the demo and test it . Clearly, it does not mean that it works on your device, since it has not been optimized in any way. We also emphasize that there are no plans to turn it into a complete game for now. If your desire is to have a work done and finished, you will have to rely on the aforementioned Boreal Alyph.

Tell us, what would you like from a Half-Life 3? Do you believe that Valve should work on this game, or after all these years is it better for the world of Half-Life not to see new chapters?