Mad Box: Creators Abandon The Name Due To A Copyright Conflict


This 2019 is proving to be full of surprises and video-themed announcements and, more precisely, hardware. With Google taking to the field with Stadia, the Xbox Scarlett, which seems to be getting closer to the official announcement – on the occasion of E3 2019 – and PlayStation 5 which has been revealed in the first details, there are many names on the field. We must also not forget that the year began with the announcement of a brand new console: Mad Box. Maybe some have forgotten it and now you have to do it all.

Indeed, the future creation of Slightly Mad Studios will have to change its name following a copyright conflict . The developer registered the brand the game after the announcement, or January 3, 2019, but on March 25 the French company Madbox, developer of casual games, objected in that ” there is a serious possibility that confusion is created among the public “.

According to, Slightly Mad Studios withdrew its copyright request on April 5th . There were no official statements, but it is highly probable that the console will have to receive a new name.

At the announcement, the CEO of Slighty Mad Studios promised support for 4K , virtual reality games (which will reach 60 fps “by eye”) and compatibility with Rift and Vive, as well as multiple headsets, steering wheels and controllers for fighting game. The CEO states that the console will be ready in 2022 and that it will be competitive in terms of price with the main competitors.

Now we just have to wait and see if Slightly Mad Studios will announce a new name or if it will prefer to postpone this decision. Do you have any interesting suggestions to suggest?