Minecraft, One Hundred Thousand Dollars Donated To Charity


Too often video games are associated with something negative , without giving them any chance to defend themselves. Moreover, the countless charity initiatives made by the various software houses, such as Ubisoft , which we told you about yesterday , and Mojang , the house behind Minecraft, are almost never remembered .

The company founded by the controversial  Markus Persson , and then sold to Microsoft , has in fact made a conspicuous donation in favor of the charity organization : water. As can easily be guessed from the name itself, this association has to do with water and, in particular, aims to bring the precious liquid all over the world for free. To pursue such a noble end, however, it is obviously necessary to acquire huge resources, resources that Minecraft also helped to raise.

Mojang immediately donated ten thousand dollars, thanks to which, an estimated 3,300 people will have free access to this primary resource. In order for the software house to finance an additional $ 90,000 charity: water, however, it was first necessary for the players to download 100,000 times, Traveling Trader , a package for the famous title containing a new map and a skin pack , completely free of charge  .

Not even one day did the best-seller community reach the fixed number of downloads and Mojang then promptly completed its donation . With such a quantity of money even more people can therefore take advantage of the valuable asset. Despite such a beautiful initiative, the Traveling Trader  package  is now available for free on the Minecraft marketplace .

What do you think of the donation made by Mojang ? Do you believe that such actions should be done more often in the videogame world?