Pewdiepie Wants To End The “Subscribe To Pewdiepie” Meme


Through a video released yesterday, Pewdiepie asked his fans (and the whole world) to stop using the popular slogan “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” , even after the tragic events in Christchurch, where one of the bombers, before shooting, has shouted these words that have become a meme.

It all started at the beginning of the year and it was a way to keep Pewdiepie’s YouTube channel position with more subscribers, as another YouTuber, T-Series, was getting closer. Pewdiepie said the movement was born with a positive intent : in the video, shown below, it is shown how the fans organized parades, cheerleader events and even bought billboards to advertise the slogan. Now, however, everything is linked to acts of violence and hatred.

The same Pewdiepie believed that everything would be deflated “in a few days or at most a week”, and he was surprised by the enormous support obtained in these months. Everything, however, has been exploited and transformed, linking it to negative actions: for example, a monument of the Second World War was smeared with some graffiti that reported the meme.

Pewdiepie said it is natural that when you have an audience of 90 million people, there are “a handful of degenerates”, but he believes that now it’s getting out of hand. ” I don’t want hate deeds to take over all the positive things done by others . 

YouTuber has been repeatedly accused of racism: in 2017, he used the word “nigger” in a stream, and some time before he had paid two men, through a special website, to go around the street with a sign saying “Death to all Jews ”. He apologized, of course, but this greatly damaged his image. The “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” meme, born with positive intent, risks turning against it and has decided to end it. What do you think about it?