Rage 2 – The Fun Is Above The Story


As you might expect, Bethesda’s ‘RAGE 2’ will not be a game that will come up with a profound story. Already the name of the franchise suggests that the focus is on fun.

While this is not meant to leave the story entirely to the left, which will certainly be there, RAGE 2 is primarily developed as an action game, as Rage 2 Director Magnus Nedfors comments.

“I will not sit here and say the profound story is why you should play Rage 2 – it’s an action game,” says Nedfors . “However, we try to tell little stories, both through interactions with the NPCs you meet and the environments. It’s something we want to push more and more. “

The problem that Nedfors sees in many Open World games is that they try to tell a linear story that would limit players at the same time. One still seems to wait for this moment when someone comes along with the design of open storytelling.

RAGE 2, however, is more of a game where you should have fun with your weapons and abilities, for a story you can take more time in future games.

RAGE 2 will be released on May 14, 2019.

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