Warlander Also Announced For PS4 Xbox One


After the PC, the action title ‘Warlander’ has now been announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which will appear in 2019. Warlander combines a story-based adventure with a swift sword fight where precision meets ragdoll physics, creating a brutal and visceral combat experience.

With a vibrant art style and a sophisticated level design, Warlander promises a grim and dangerous game in which players can customize their fighting style through an in-game progress system. Players can advance through three vast and diverse skill trees, gaining new abilities that result in devastating combinations.

You slip into the role of a resurrected hero who is on a warpath of revenge. Climb into your power by either going across the battlefield or using abilities to turn your environment into a deadly weapon. Use a blade with your own mind as you fight and sacrifice enemies to appease the ancient gods.

Warlander is expected to appear in 2019.