World War Z, Sales Beyond Expectations Thanks To Epic Games Store

World War Z

The common theme of the month of April was the zombie theme . In addition to the good Days Gone , of which you can find our review here , World War Z , a Saber Interactive title inspired by the famous blockbuster with Brad Pitt , has also arrived on our platforms .

The title, which more than a few ideas takes from the most famous Left 4 Dead , went incredibly well in terms of sales, exceeding a million copies in less than a week. The PC version was particularly surprising for the software house, with expectations of copies sold far exceeded.

In fact, Matthew Karch , the executive chief of Saber Interactive , stated: “On PC we are achieving results well above expectations  above all thanks to the support we received from the Epic Games Store “. Words, those of Karch that do not sound new and bring back the discourse on the management of exclusives by the house behind Fortnite .

It is not in fact the first time that a title made available on PC only on the Epic store has got extremely positive results . For example, remember Metro Exodus , which sold two and a half times the copies made by its predecessor Metro: Last Light on Steam. Epic Games itself, moreover, has also clocked several records last weekend, concurrent with the launch of World War Z . If you want to know more about the Saber Interactive title.

What do you think of the whole issue regarding the Epic Games Store and its aggressive policy on exclusives? Do you also think that it can be good for the various software houses? Let us know in the comments.